PLEASE NOTE:  Due to the ever increasing cost of running Dublo Auction, from DA 386 onwards all auctions will now carry a buyer's premium on winning bid of 7% inclusive, total cost will be advised when acknowledging auction win.



Clients wishing to use written bids or telephone bids MUST have them submitted 48 HOURS before the lot end time. The bid will generally be placed 24 hours before the auction ends.

For client confidentiality, only the Company and yourself will know your bidding status. Your name will not be displayed on screen to the public.

The bidding increments is automatically controlled. There will be on screen instruction to indicate what the next minimum acceptable bid is.

A bid may be placed at any time the lot number you require is active. Each lot has a definite start and end time. Last second bidding is not advisable and may end in disappointment.

You will be advised if your bid is successful or not (look out for the green or yellow triangle after you have placed a bid).

We use the English auction format, in which a maximum bid may safely be placed at any time, i.e., you pay the mininum winning bid, not the maximum bid you placed if your maximum bid exceeds your mininum winning bid.

Bids cannot be withdrawn online. Only under exceptional circumstances a telephone cancellation may be made.

Winning bidder will be notified by email within 15 mins when an auction ends.

Failure to honour a bid will result in registration cancellation.

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