DA 414 ending SUNDAY 2nd JANUARY 2022

HORNBY DUBLO 3218 2-6-4T, unused boxed + literature
HORNBY DUBLO 2016 0-6-2T Goods Set, unused boxed + literature
HORNBY DUBLO 2802 Track Pack No. 2 mint + instructions, superb box
HORNBY DUBLO EDP11 gloss Silver King Set, mint boxed + literature
HORNBY DUBLO EDL18 2-6-4T, mint boxed + literature
HORNBY DUBLO 5 x 3 rail Wagons, near mint-mint, blue and white boxes
HORNBY DUBLO D2 LNER High Sided, mint, superb 3.48 dated box
HORNBY DUBLO D1 LWB Vent Van, near mint boxed
HORNBY DUBLO 4021/2 BR Suburban Coaches, near mint-mint boxed
HORNBY DUBLO EDL2 Atholl, mint, 1950/1 boxes + instructions
HORNBY DUBLO 7 x 2 rail Electric Points inc. 2 Simplec, some unused boxed
HORNBY DUBLO 5 x 2 rail Wagons, unused, superb boxes
HORNBY DUBLO D1 Power Petrol, mint, 6.53 dated box
HORNBY DUBLO A4 repainted "Mallard" 3 rail in BR blue, excellent
HORNBY DUBLO 4657 United Dairies Tanker, unused boxed
HORNBY DUBLO 051 and 053 Staff and Passengers, mint boxed
HORNBY DUBLO RARE D1 All 3rd Coach, grey roof, correct 8.54 dated box
HORNBY DUBLO 4677 Mobil Tanker, unused, superb box
HORNBY DUBLO 50 replacement Traction Tyres
HORNBY DUBLO 1591 knurled Nut + 1601 Screws, sealed packet.

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